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E-mail Scam
E-mail Scam


E-mail fraud schemes are currently circulating on the Internet where fraudsters use Union Grand Energy (UGE) name or the names of its management to solicit job applications, contract proposals, investment opportunities, or personal information and request the victims to provide funds or personal information for job-applications, visas, processing fees, or investments. These are just some of the latest versions of e-mail scams that have been circulating on the Internet for several years. Sometimes, the scams take the form of telephone calls rather than e-mails. Certain versions of this scam are very sophisticated. Occasionally, a scammer will send a fake check for a large amount of money to the victim to cover the "processing fees." The scammer hopes the victim pays the fees before discovering that the check is fraudulent.

This warning is issued to the general public as a public service. Union Grand Energy (UGE), its subsidiary companies, and their agents will not be liable for any losses incurred as a result of these unauthorized activities. If you do receive an unsolicited e-mail offering you a job at Union Grand Energy (UGE) or inviting you to bid for a contract – sometimes involving extremely large amounts of money – this may invariably be a scam and you should exercise caution. Communications which come from any source other than “” domain site should be treated suspiciously. In each case, you should take steps to confirm that you are dealing with an appropriate representative of Union Grand Energy (UGE) or one of its subsidiary companies.

If you are interested in employment with Union Grand Energy (UGE), please ignore the unsolicited e-mail and instead visit the company’s “Careers” section.