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"Giving where it counts the most"
Giving Back

"Giving where it counts the most"

UGE is gladly giving back and reaching out to the organizations and people that are in need of support and consideration, whether it is financial or human kind.

It is extremely important for us to support social investments that contribute to the sustainable development goals of the communities and countries where we operate. This means working in partnership with professional social development organizations, government institutions and local nonprofit organizations to ensure our investment addresses relevant and material issues in a rigorous manner with positive impacts on society. Our investment focuses mainly on supporting under privileged children by any means possible, disaster relief and support of the nature, sea and green projects and the well-being of local communities.

Our internal volunteer program offers a range of cultural activities, events and entertainment to for underprivileged kids that are aimed at nurturing talent and creativity among young kids.

We believe strongly in education and the impact it makes in life of the Human being and his or her development and therefore we at UGE, with great passion support by any means possible children from underprivileged families that cannot afford educational facilities.

We actively support environmental causes and contributing our extended support for a variety of “green” environmental projects that are designed to support nature, sea and our planet.

We have developed a “Young Entrepreneur” initiative, where young bright people with brilliant ideas can enter yearly competition and submit their ideas for evaluation in several disciplines. The winner of the competition will have monetary support for their business project.

UGE is a responsible member of the societies where it operates, where it often initiates charitable activities and strives to improve the quality of life promoting regional and socioeconomic development. UGE actively supports a number of various social projects contributing to culture, science and educational development and endorses charitable causes and consistently supports non-profit organizations.