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Throughout many years on the energy market we have evolved into a company that not only constantly optimizes best established technology.
Research & Technology

Throughout many years on the energy market we have evolved into a company that not only constantly optimizes best established technology and constantly improving all of our operational processes, but is also actively involved in developing new technologies that will meet the requirements of increasing production in oil and gas reserves, improving recovery rates of the wells and developing improved refining processes, that are in coherence with our environmental policies.

We have already a dedicated team of the environmentalists and researchers, but we have decided to move forward and commit to the development of our very own Research & Development center.

UGE Research & Development center will be set up in Baku and will execute Research & Development needs for all existing products and services of the wide portfolio of UGE. At this center highly dedicated team of the researchers and academia professionals will be able to evaluate potential and new business opportunities. They will initiate, lead and support company initiatives toward acquisition, development of new products, introducing new technical processes and retention of new knowledge and products that will deepen and broaden the technical competences of the UGE.

Our scientists, researchers and engineers work together in order to develop new technologies and products that are environmentally friendly and adapt existing tools and technologies to meet the requirements that are in the stringent coherence with our environmental policies.

Functional responsibilities and activities of the center will include:

  • Collaboration with technical and operational departments of UGE in order to identify areas in which research is required in order to meet strategic business requirements and add to the potential growth and further expansion of the company.
  • Planning, execution, coordination and management of UGE’s research and technology portfolio and projects aimed at addressing the business needs and product portfolio expansion.
  • Coordination of the planning, execution and implementation of the new research projects (mainly addition of the new products) and supporting business departments in field and plant trials and control for testing and qualification of new solutions (mainly relevant for new drilling and refineries operations)
  • Collaboration with other departments in order to identify new business opportunities

Valuable addition to the UGE functional operations of the Research & Development Center will represent a significant development of UGE´s technical capabilities, which will impact highly the quality of the products manufactured and is consistent with the UGE environmental policy to produce "greener" products and also coherent with the corporate social responsibility that UGE strictly follows.