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UGE actively supports a number of various social projects contributing to culture, science and educational development and endorses charitable causes and consistently supports non-profit organizations.
Sustainable Development

UGE strives to demonstrate consistently excellent functional, operational and financial performance, while maintaining strong commitment to providing significant and lasting contribution to social and economic development of the countries where UGE operates. Sustainable Development and commitment in everything is one of the goals which UGE believes strongly in.

Striving for the sustainable leadership and development in the industry we, at UGE, believe that:

  • The actions we take today will impact reality of the future, therefore only long-term economic and social achievements and input will make it possible to maintain balanced relationships with our clients and partners and will allow ensure consistent gain of interests for all parties involved.
  • The economic and social well-being of the communities is a shared responsibility of the government of those communities, citizens and businesses, including UGE. Only basing operations on the compliance with civil rights and labor law, providing equal opportunities, showing respect for human dignity and the supremacy of law the business will be able to succeed wherever we operate.
  • We believe that balanced and effective social policies and dedication to strong corporate social responsibility that we strongly adhere to in UGE are constantly reducing our business risks, provides us with more business opportunities, strengthen our competitiveness globally and locally, enhance performance of our employees and increase loyalty of our clients, suppliers, partners and vendors. All of this is and will continue improving our reputation and ensure our leadership position in every related community.
  • We believe that it is of an extreme importance to act in accordance with Environmental and safety policies in order to be a responsible citizen of the communities where we operate and avoid possible incidents and disasters by educating our own employees in the first place and taking initiative.
  • In line with the integral role UGE plays in the economies of the countries of our operations we are deeply committed to the growth of the communities where we operate in all social, economic and educational sectors and we consistently showing our support by sponsoring a wide variety of events benefiting to a variety of the community groups.
  • It is extremely important to support social investments that contribute to the sustainable development goals of the communities and countries where we operate. This means working in partnership with professional social development organizations, government institutions and local nonprofit organizations to ensure our investment addresses relevant and material issues in a rigorous manner with positive impacts on society. Our investment focuses mainly on supporting under privileged children by any means possible, disaster relief and support of the nature, sea and green projects and the well-being of local communities.
  • We believe that healthy, active and happy employees create better communities and more productive workplace environments naturally nurturing sustainable development.

UGE has introduced a unified sustainability and corporate social responsibility strategy that is in line with globally recognized practices and standards.

UGE corporate social responsibility strategy adheres to resilient environmental, safety, security, health, labor, social and economic development policies, which are an integral part of the strong corporate strategy designed in order to create a comprehensive basis for the UGE’s sustainable development in the long run.