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Fuels & Lubricants

UGE is one of the world's leading suppliers of fuels, lubricants and related technical services to the global marine industry. UGE was among the first few international oil companies which established business relationships with Caspian region ship owners and operators some 10 years ago. We have already established a significant business base with major shipping companies in the region and CIS countries and are well recognized as a leading brand and a major player in these markets.

UGE caters to all types of bunker fuels and lubricants required by various types of vessels operating throughout the world in the shipping industry. Bunker supplies are made available at several major ports.

UGE concentrates on meeting bunker requirements for the existing network of the clients and it also supplies bunker fuels to all major shipping companies of the Caspian region and CIS countries. Spot requirement of different vessels operating in the region are met through nominations received from local shipping agents and international bunker traders and brokers.

Supplies are made through pipelines, barges and tank-trucks. Bunker supplies are undertaken through pipeline. We serve the bunkering needs of all sectors of the marine market. This includes fishing fleets, yachts, cruise ships, cargo ships, military, government and research vessels as well as power plants.

Our goal is to provide reliable service for all of your marine energy needs through our worldwide supply network.

UGE is a quality and safety focused provider of goods and services with qualified, experienced personnel, strategically positioned terminals and long-term relationships with customers and suppliers..

After arriving at the destination, LNG is warmed to return it to its gaseous state, converted back to gas and fed into the natural gas pipeline system.


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