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Whether you do business with us locally or globally, we are committed to provide the highest level of dedication and customer service.

To maintain our legacy of reliability, our operations span the globe and range from exploration and producing chemicals, distribution and marketing.
The primary expertise of UGE is to meet the needs of our clients. We meet those needs by offering a wide range of the products and services of our portfolio for the lowest negotiable price, supplying the refineries on the best financial terms, importing and exporting petroleum products and equipment to secure supply to local and international demand, and selecting and chartering tankers to transport cargo to its destination without a single failure. Besides this constant ambition for optimized quality of the products and services, UGE is also responsible for managing risks and being averse to price fluctuations.

Steady and reliable supply of the oil and gas industry products and great service are two areas in which UGE has acquired a widely acknowledged expertise, which we apply on behalf of a large number of partners and external customers.

UGE have forged close, long-term relationships with a huge network of customers and suppliers worldwide, including national and international oil companies and all producers, refiners, traders, brokers, distributors and end users. As a result we have access to widely diversified sources of supply and substantial resources and connections.

Our long-term expertise is rooted in knowing exactly what our clients need: a range of reliable products and a comprehensive and dedicated service, which grasps all energy sectors and each market's specific characteristics. These traits are matched by impressive responsiveness, thanks to a global network of trading subsidiaries and offices.