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Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel

ULSD is a diesel product with ultra-low sulfur content. In other words, ULSD is the declared standard for environmentally friendly diesel fuel. Nowadays most petroleum based on diesel, which is widely used in Europe and North America is ULSD.

UGE’s modern and well equipped refinery allows us to produce the region's leading ULSD. Our diesel is renowned for its low natural cloud point and its maximized BTU's all over the year.

UGE controls ULSD product quality from start to finish, with more quality testing than any other supplier in the region. We are highly dedicated to quality control and in order to support our well established reputation for this product we are constantly innovating in the field and adding our own exclusive testing systems that are designed to ensure performance and reliability.

UGE always offers reliable and swift supply of ULSD. With the region's largest refinery, a fleet of ships, a diverse terminals network, and logistics experts to keep it all moving, we put our integrated supply chain to work or you, keeping you supplied when you need it.

The price of this product is internationally competitive and revised on a weekly basis based on MOPS (Mean of Platts-Singapore).

In addition, ULSD has excellent lubricating ability that promotes much longer proper functioning of the engine providing you with impeccable quality of work and annual emission reductions could be equivalent to removing the pollution from more than 90 percent of today’s vehicles and bringing significant health benefits to the world population.

Advantages of ULSD:

  • ULSD fuel enables the use of cleaner technology diesel engines and vehicles, resulting in significantly improved air quality.
  • As an additional environmental benefit, ULSD fuel enables diesel-powered passenger cars and light trucks to meet the same stringent emissions standards as gasoline vehicles. Diesel-powered vehicles tend to be more fuel efficient than gasoline-powered vehicles.


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